Unity Boot Camp - Every Saturday at 10am

The Unity Boot Camp is a group fitness class that utilizes calisthenics (bodyweight exercises), plyometrics (short burst, explosive movements), and endurance...

A Course in Miracles: Study Group

Join us each Sunday evening at Unity Plaza for our special SUNDAY SUNDOWN RENEWAL featuring two spiritaully focusd community activties. 5:30-6:45pm: A...

Mantra, Movement, & Meditation by the Amrit Yoga Institute

The Mantra (chanting or music), Movement & Meditation is a beautiful technique that uses inward focus and sound vibration to 'drop you in' to stillness. It...

New Year's Eve - Dancing and Dining Under the Stars with Sbraga & Company at Unity Plaza

Join Sbraga & Company for an evening of dancing and dining under the stars at Unity Plaza. Live music and a countdown celebration. *NEW: The City of...